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Supporting the Integration of Greening District Development Plans

Rwanda wishes to develop a green and sustainable pathway so that development investment sustainable and resilient to climate change is increased. Currently, national policies like Green Growth Strategy have been developed and incorporated in the EDPRS2 but not fully in the DDPs. The objective of the project is to Support Integration Of Green Growth Strategy in District Development Plans and during the Performance contract (Imihigo) planning process. This is out of an assessment that was conducted in districts which showed lack of green growth integration in the DDPs, planning process (Imihigo, Action plans) and limited knowledge on Green Growth Strategy associated with most District Staff and limited awareness with District Stakeholders.

This created a need to address the gaps existing in the integration of green growth strategy in the District Development Plans, Planning process (Imihigo, Action plans) and increase capacity for both District staff and

The project will be implemented in phases for all the 30 Districts based on their vulnerability to climate change. The expected outcome of the project will be 30 Districts Development Plans in alignment with the green growth strategy and 60 project proposals(investment plan for the Districts) arising from this process that attract potential funding. This will minimize the cost spent in disasters management and hence help to improve productivity.

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MINERENA), Local
Development Agency (LODA), 30 Districts