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National E-Waste Management Strategy & Facility

The project focuses on the design and implementation of a national e-waste management strategy within Rwanda. This includes a national framework for e-waste recycling, a country wide collection scheme with incentives and the establishment of a dismantling facility which will be connected to sustainable recycling industries on a national, regional and international level. Information will be provided and awareness raising will be done to raise awareness in the private sector, public institutions and the communities. This will benefit the conservation of natural resources, the creation of green jobs, the reduction of risks from hazardous materials affecting human health and environment.

Output 1: E-waste strategy developed, policy and legal framework reviewed

Output 2: A detailed inventory on the current e-waste situation is conducted

Output 3: Environmental friendly e-waste collection centres and dismantling facility are designed and set up

Output 4: E-waste collected and treated according to required standards

Great Lake Electronics Management, WorldLoop, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, United Nations Environment Programme, Rwanda Environment Management Authority, Ministry of Youth and ICT, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Rwanda Housing Authority