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Umushinga wo gufasha uruganda rw’umuceli rwo mu karere ka Nyagatare ku bijyanye n’umuriro

This 70 kW (pilot) Rice Husk to Power Project is being constructed in Nyagatare District adjacent to the Nyagatare Rice Company milling facility. The project introduces the rice husk gasification for power generation technology to Rwanda which converts biomass into electricity. Rice husks contains silica, making it unsuitable to be used as fodder. As a result, rice millers across Rwanda and around the world face challenges with the disposal of husks. This Novel Energy pilot project will convert approximately 600 tonnes of rice husk per year into 453 MWh of electric units without damaging the environment.

The project will help reduce 437 tonnes of Co2-e from being emitted into the atmosphere every year by the generation of clean and renewable energy. This project will create at least 4 full time green energy jobs and will hire approximately 50 people from the local community during the construction phase.

1) Receiving all approvals from the GoR for the development of this Rice Husk to Power Project
2) Land acquired or leased
3) Construction begun and E&M equipment ordered
4) Connecting of the Rice Husk to Power Plant to the national grid Operations & Maintenance, Project Management and Reporting