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Kubungabunga urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima mu cyogogo cya Nyabarongo

This project is elaborated by Ngororero District in consortium with Caritas Kibuye as the result of local authorities and civil society efforts to address climate change and its consequences.
This project aims at protection of Nyabarongo riverbank and its watersheds against soil erosion by increasing the area (ha) of land with forest and agro forest, reduction of the use of woods as source of energy, increasing radical and progressive terraces in key sectors of Ngororero district, and increase awareness of local people by community mobilisation and capacity building.

The project will cover the area of 3300 ha in Nyabarongo watersheds. The key targeted results are the following: 420 ha of radical terraces created and productive; 2678 ha of progressive terraces created; 140 km of riverbanks protected by bamboo on affluent of Nyabarongo river; 3098ha of agro-forestry planted; 40 ha of ditches and 50 ha of gabions constructed for reducing sediment and 14,318 improved cook stoves provided for reducing used firewood to save forest.

Research & Development and Technology Transfer and Implementation
1) Improved soil erosion control techniques on 3,098 ha in Nyabarongo watershed
2) Reduced gully erosion and sedimentation in Nyabarongo I power plant reservoir
3) Increased forest and agro-forest coverage on 3160 ha in Nyange, Ndaro, Gatumba, Muhororo, Ngororero, Matyazo and Bwira sectors
4) Project grant efficiently managed and coordinated.