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meteo rwanda

Kongerera ubushobozi serivisi z’ikigo cy’iteganyagihe

The project will improve the range of weather and climate information available to inform decision making at all levels in Rwanda, and promote its understanding and application. It will achieve this by involving users in the development of new services, making investments in improved observations, forecasting and analysis, and introducing new communications channels. Aspects of delivery will be decentralised to develop closer links with users at district, sub-district and community levels.


Window 2, Entry Point 6 (Data collection, monitoring & Management Information Systems (MIS))
Output 1: Processes and techniques for the identification of demand-led weather and climate information, and for promoting its understanding and appropriate application, developed and being implemented at central, district and sub-district levels.

Output 2: Improved capacity at Meteo Rwanda to design, produce and verify weather and climate information and products, based on sound science

Output 3: Increased access to weather and climate information to users through a range of communication channels.

Output 4: Development and implementation of a framework for project evaluation which incorporates a programme of research (including robust economic analysis), awareness raising and sharing of project learning

Met Office (the UK national meteorological service), MIDIMAR, RNRA.