• Gicumbi Residents in big relief as they receive cook stoves

  • under the Green Gicumbi Project

Residents of Gicumbi District are in a big relief after they received this last week cook stoves that save energy and time under the Green Gicumbi project.

Distribution of cook stoves is one of the activities of the 6-years project being implemented in Gicumbi District by the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) under the financial support of Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Currently, nearly 7,000 cook stoves have been distributed to project beneficiaries to promote energy efficiency as one of the project components.

The use of the cook stove locally named ‘SONGA’ will significantly improve human health and contribute to deforestation and climate change mitigation. Once used, SONGA’ cook stove saves 60% of the firewood.

‘‘This is a great action by this project that has been supporting us in many things. We can’t find enough words to express our job. These cook stoves will help us in our daily life, since firewood has been a big challenge in our area, especially during this rainy season,’’ said Micombero Vedatse, a resident of Manyagiro Sector one of the sectors of project intervention.

‘Since this Green Gicumbi Project came, we have been very committed to environment as the community. We have known our role as the community. As long as this cook stove cuts firewood at a big rate, we think it will also help in fighting deforestation in our area,’ said Tumuherwe Georgine, another beneficiary of the Green Gicumbi project.

In addition to improving people’s lives and contributing to climate change mitigation, distributed cook stoves will also contribute to Gender equality, since due to its efficiency to save energy and time, women who are mostly involved in family responsibilities, will get the opportunity to do other income generating activities.

Speaking at the event, the Project Team Leader Jean Marie Kagenza reiterated Rwanda’s commitment to building resilience to climate change.

‘‘All these activities you see implemented in this Project, don’t take them as activities of the project itself. Rather, take them as Rwanda’s efforts to ensure its people are protected from climate change impacts,’’ said Green Gicumbi Project Team Leader at Rwanda Green Fund.

Green Gicumbi Project is a 6-years project of which Rwanda received finance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It started in last year in October 2019 and is implemented in six Sectors of Gicumbi that fall within the sub-catchment B of the Muvumba river and comprise around 252 villages.

Summarized key information on the project

The project consists of a total of 133 activities grouped into 27 sub-components and four main components namely:

  • Watershed protection and climate resilient agriculture
  • Sustainable forest management and sustainable energy
  • Climate resilient settlements
  • Knowledge transfer and mainstreaming