Green Rwanda Weekly Media Review - 25 November 2016​

Green Rwanda Weekly Media Review - 25 November 2016
Update: Saturday 26 November, marks the beginning of Forest Planting Season. Follow @RwandaResources on Twitter for updates from the launch event.
  • The New Times reports that architects are urging the government to strongly consider policies for green growth in the building code
  • Xinhua writes that Rwanda has signed a $350M contract with financial institutions to build a project of peat energy production
  • The New Times reports that district administrations were encouraged to include strategies for environment protect in their planning
  • Igihe publishes a story about Eco Protection Company that is helping Rwanda to recycle water for sustainable use
  • View and download photos of the launch of Rwanda Green Building Organisation on REMA's Flickr page
Government, exporters pledge to revitalise exports (The New Times - Friday 25 November 2016) -- The Government and exporters have committed to build a strong partnership in a bid to widen exports base. The pledge was made, yesterday, during the second National Exporters Conference to promote exports and exporters, in Kigali. Read More
New $350m peat power project to increase generation capacity by 40% (The New Times - Friday 25 November 2016) -- Rwanda’s efforts to increase power access to 70 per cent of all households in 2018 have been boosted by the signing of a $350 million (about Rwf 291.6 billion) financing deal between lenders and YUMN Limited to develop an 80MW peat-fired power plant. Read More
Farmers to compare notes with value chain actors (The New Times - Friday 25 November 2016) -- The Private Sector Federation (PSF), through the chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, has organised ‘Accountability Day’ to provide a platform to discuss future feeding challenges, climate change and modern technologies. The three-day event in Kigali will also provide an opportunity for farmers to showcase agricultural and livestock production as well as value added progress. Read More
Architects push for tough policies for green growth (The New Times - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- The association of architects has joined in one accord in urging the Government to strictly follow up the implementation of the Rwanda building code, with a particular focus of influencing property developers to build green and sustainable structures. This was during a meeting between government and the Rwanda Institute of Architects (RIA). Read More
73% by’acacukuzi b’amabuye mu Rwanda ntibagira amasezerano y’akazi (Imvaho Nshya - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- Iyi Minisiteri iravuga ko mu bakozi bakora mu bucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro abagera kuri 73% batagira amasezerano y’akazi yanditse bahawe nabakoresha babo, mu gihe muri rusange ababarirwa kuri 46% badateganyirizwa ku buzima n’umutekano mu kazi. Mu nama yateguwe n’iyi Minisiteri yateraniye i Kigali ihuza abkoresha bo mu mujyi wa, abagenzuzi b’umurimo n’abafatanyabikorwa mu rwego rw’umurimo barimo amasendika y’abakozi, bigiye hamwe ibijyanye n’iyubahirizwa ry’itegeko rigenga umurimo mu Rwanda. Read More
Architects push for tough policies for green growth (The New Times - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- The association of architects has joined in one accord in urging the Government to strictly follow up the implementation of the Rwanda building code, with a particular focus of influencing property developers to build green and sustainable structures. This was during a meeting between government and the Rwanda Institute of Architects (RIA). Read More
Le Rwanda signe un accord sur l'exploitation énergétique de la tourbe (Xinhua - Wednesday 23 November 2016) -- Le Rwanda a signé mercredi un contrat de 350 millions de dollars avec des institutions financières locales et internationales pour financer la construction de son projet de centrale énergétique utilisant la tourbe, dans le cadre de son programme pour augmenter l'accès à l'énergie. Cet accord, qui devrait ajouter quelque 80 mégawatts (MW) à la capacité du réseau national, aidera à faire face aux pannes de courant que connaît régulièrement ce pays, selon le ministère des infrastructures. Read More
Africa smallholder farmers among the most affected by climate change (The New Times - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- Experts use many numbers when talking about climate change. However, rising temperatures, the resulting crop failure, and the consequent loss of livelihoods and destitution of millions of households are this year’s most important and urgent developments for millions of smallholder farmers across the vastness of the African agro-ecological landscapes. Read More
African countries in Kigali to discuss management of natural resources (The New Times - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- Improvement in the wellbeing of the African people will greatly depend on how efficiently regional states manage and harness the natural resources that the continent is endowed with, the Minister for Natural resources Vincent Biruta, has said. Biruta was officiating at the opening of a two-day conference of ministers of the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) in Kigali yesterday. Read More
Rwanda is a landlocked country with few natural resources. So why is China investing so heavily in it? (Quartz - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- It’s hard not to see China’s footprint wherever one goes in Rwanda. Chinese engineers have designed and built the country’s tallest building, Kigali City Tower, a gleaming 20-story glass skyscraper; the building that houses Rwanda’s foreign ministry. Read More
Districts urged to integrate environment issues in their planning (The New Times - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has appealed to ministries, districts planners, and environment officers to do more to integrate environment issues into their planning and budgeting process. Rachael Tushabe, the head of environmental education and mainstreaming at REMA. Read More
BRD, Shelter-Afrique reassure on Rugarama housing Project (The New Times - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- The development of Rugarama Park Estate Limited, a joint venture between Shelter Afrique and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) will not be stalled by the former’s current financial impasse, officials from both institutions have said. Media reports earlier indicated that the African Development Bank (AfDB) had halted the disbursement of $8.2m equity input to Shelter-Afrique as it looks into allegations of creative accounting. Read More
Eco Protection environment-friendly technology supports water recycling across Rwanda (Igihe - Monday 21 November 2016) -- The Government of Rwanda has taken measures against environment degradation to ensure a balance between economic development and environmental protection. The measures include the ban of manufacturing and use of polythene bags.The Government has introduced a clear legal and institutional structure for environmental protection. To ensure environment related measures are effectively implemented, it has established Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA). Read More
Major Congo Basin forest conference convenes in Rwanda (Mongabay - Monday 21 November 2016) -- Protecting one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet in the Congo Basin is no easy task. Nor is looking after the 25 billion tons of carbon, 10,000 plant and several thousand known animal species, and 30 million people including 150 indigenous groups they contain. But it’s one that a group of organizations and governments have taken on for nearly 15 years, and that continues today in Kigali, Rwanda. Some 500 researchers, policy makers and scientists will gather for a meeting of what’s known as the Congo Basin Forest Partnership Read more
U Rwanda rwatorewe kuyobora Ikigo giteza imbere umutungo kamere mu Karere (Igihe - Monday 21 November 2016) -- Aya matora yabereye mu nama ya 10 y’Abaminisitiri bashinzwe umutungo kamere mu bihugu byo muri Afurika y’u Burasirazuba n’Amajyepfo,iteraniye i Kigali kuva kuri uyu wa 21 kugeza ku wa 22 Ugushyingo 2016. Iyi nama igamije kurebera hamwe akamaro ko gukoresha ikoranabuhanga mu gucunga ubutaka, hagamijwe guteza imbere ubukungu, kurengera ibidukikije no kugenzura imikoreshereze y’ubutaka mu karere. Read More
AFRICAN DIASPORA: Gorilla baby boom gives hope to endangered species (Compton Herald - Saturday 19 November 2016) -- Conservation efforts in the three nations have seen the numbers rise, as well as a rise in revenue earnings from tourism. In Rwanda, at least 30,000 tourists visit every year to get a glimpse of the endangered species. Read More
Kamiranzovu waterfalls, a beautiful piece of Rwanda (The East African - Saturday 19 November 2016) -- It takes courage, patience and energy to discover Kamiranzovu waterfall, located deep in Nyungwe National Park, a dense and protected rainforest in south western Rwanda. The source of the Kamiranzovu waterfall is the marshland also called Kamiranzovu in Nyungwe Forest. The waterfalls speed depends on the season but we were told that it rains for nine months in a year in the forest so there is a lot of water. The falls have two parts: the lower part on huge rocks, a beautiful spot for photography; and a second side in front of the falling water. Read More
Africa’s private sector commits to fighting climate change (The New Times - Friday 18 November 2016) -- Private sector organisations from 43 African countries have committed to fighting climate change and effects of global warming. They made the commitment in Morocco, where they signed the Marrakech Declaration on the sidelines of the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference (COP22). Read More
Across Africa
What did the COP22 achieve for Africa? (Africa Times - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- Nicknamed “the Implementation” COP, the Marrakech gathering of world leaders barely registered on the media radar. It had the misfortune of starting just a few days before notorious climate change denier Donald Trump delivered probably the biggest upset in the history of American politics by winning, against all odds and hopes, the presidential race. With the future of the deal suddenly thrown in doubt, few concrete results were delivered by the COP22. Read More
On the road to resilience: Reducing disaster and climate risk in Africa (World Bank website - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- Natural disasters—such as droughts, floods, landslides, and storms—are a regular occurrence, but climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of such weather-related hazards. Since 1970, Africa has experienced more than 2,000 natural disasters, with just under half taking place in the last decade. Read More
Landslide kills 13 as diggers invade Freeport mine in Congo: governor (Reuters - Monday 21 November 2016) -- A landslide killed at least 13 people last week in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo after thousands of artisanal miners began invading a copper mine controlled by Freeport-McMoRan Inc, the provincial governor said on Monday. Between 5,000 and 10,000 illegal miners have descended on the Tenke copper mine, one of the world's largest, since last week, Richard Muyej, governor of Lualaba province, told U.N.-sponsored Radio Okapi. Read more
Marrakech: A vibrant city surrounded by natural beauty (The New Times - Sunday 20 November 2016) -- When one mentions Morocco, many remember the Moroccan King Mohammed VI’s historic visit to Rwanda that was significant in many ways. Not only did he become the first monarch of Morocco to visit Rwanda, but his visit saw the signing of a ‘whopping’ 23 bilateral agreements between the two countries covering a wide-range of critical areas. Read More
From Around The World
Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change at global level (The Guardian - Friday 25 November 2016) -- Arctic scientists have warned that the increasingly rapid melting of the ice cap risks triggering 19 “tipping points” in the region that could have catastrophic consequences around the globe. Temperatures in the Arctic are currently about 20C above what would be expected for the time of year, which scientists describe as “off the charts”. Sea ice is at the lowest extent ever recorded for the time of year. Read More
More company climate votes ahead, as Trump may loosen energy rules (Reuters - Friday 25 November 2016) -- Activist shareholders plan a record number of resolutions focused on climate change at U.S. company annual meetings in 2017, even as President-elect Donald Trump looks set to loosen environmental regulations. Based on filings so far, U.S. companies are on track to face roughly 200 resolutions on climate matters. Read More
The road to Marrakesh: COP22 and threat of climate change (RFI - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- Few expected last year’s Paris climate pact to come into force so quickly. So when it did on Friday 4 November-- just days before the start of COP22—diplomats from nearly 200 nations suddenly found themselves under intense pressure to translate its planet-saving promise into action. And quickly. Read More
At COP22, It Is Important To Ensure That Climate Finance Meets Africa’s Needs (Huffington Post - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- Climate change is the biggest problem we have ever had to face, as communities, countries and the planet. This means it is an expensive problem given that adjusting economies to limit greenhouse gas emissions costs money; so too does adapting agriculture, water use and coastlines. Read More
COP22: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Marrakech (Carbon Brief - Saturday 19 November 2016) -- Monday went ahead as planned. Tuesday took place in the shadow of the US election, silverlined with the expectation that Hillary Clinton would secure a convincing victory. After all, it was only a few weeks since the Washington Post, among others, had pondered the prospect of a Clinton landslide. Read More
GoR Environment & Natural Resources 
Rwanda joins Climate and Clean Air Coalition (Green Fund website - Friday 25 November 2016) -- Rwanda is the newest member of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. The announcement was made during the coalition’s most recent High Level Assembly, which took place on the sidelines of the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco. Read More
Rwanda and Italy sign Memorandum of Understanding on climate action (Green Fund website - Friday 25 November 2016) -- The Government of Rwanda, represented by Minister Biruta, and the Italian Government, represented by the Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea, Gian Luca Galletti, signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation towards greener and more climate resilient countries. The signing took place on the sidelines of the recent 22nd Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco. Read More
Architects in Rwanda urged to design and build green and sustainable buildings (REMA website - Thursday 24 November 2016) -- Rwandan architects and construction industry have been urged to design and build green and sustainable structures in order to help the country achieve its vision of becoming a green and climate resilient country by 2050. Read More
Launch of the Rwanda Green Building Organisation 22 November 2016 (REMA Flickr page - Tuesday 22 November 2016) -- Rwanda launched the Green Building Organisation that will function as the catalyst of change for sustainability of buildings and communities in the country. View Photos

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