Green Rwanda Media Review - 13 August 2018

Read the latest environment news from Rwanda and around the world. 


  • The New Times reports on businesses in Rubavu that have been requested to relocate from wetlands and lakeshore areas
  • he New Times writes that the expansion of gorilla habitat is a win-win project Daily Nation writes about the last black rhino that moved to Tsavo park and died
  • Eu Observer writes that heat, drought, fires will be part of Europe's future
  • View photos from last week's Climate Finance Training held in Kigali


Upcoming Events

13-14 August 2018: Incineration of toxic pesticides at Gakirage incinerator located in Musha Eye Hospital, Rwamagana District

17 August 2018: Official Ceremony of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) incineration at CIMERWA, Bugarama Sector, Rusizi District

28 August 2018: Green Drinks Kigali on the Return of the Lions to Akagera, Impact Hub, Kiyovu

7-9 PM 27-28 August 2018: 50th Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum, Serena Hotel, Kigali

5-8 September 2018: African Green Revolution Forum

7 September 2018: Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony, Kinigi

12-14 September 2018: Africa Regional Mountains Forum 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda

16 September 2018: Sustainable House Day

22 September 2018: World Car Free Day




Umuhanda Huye-Nyamagabe-Kitabi uri gusanwa no kwagurwa witezweho umusaruro (Igihe - Sunday, 12 August 2018) -- Umuhanda wa kaburimbo ufite ibirometero 53 uva mu Mujyi wa Huye werekeza i Nyamagabe ukagera mu Murenge wa Kitabi umaze igihe utangiye gusanwa no kwagurwa, ubu abawukoresha bavuga ko bawitezeho inyungu zitabarika zirimo kunoza uburyo bw’ingendo kuko uwari usanzwe utari ukigendwa uko bikwiye. Read More

Rwanda, Moroccan firms seal major fertiliser deal (The New Times - Saturday, 11 August 2018) -- Rwanda has entered into a fertiliser joint venture partnership with two private companies aimed at reducing the cost and increasing the supply of fertilisers and boost agricultural output. Read More

Rwandan engineer recycles glass to make eco-friendly bricks (The New Times - Saturday, 11 August 2018) -- Disposal of tonnes of waste glass is a major environmental challenge but one Rwandan says he has found an answer by recycling glasses and ceramic waste. Read More

Govt turns to private sector to fund innovation village project (The New Times - Saturday, 11 August 2018) -- The cabinet this week approved the establishment of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to accelerate the implementation of the Kigali Innovation City, a project aimed at driving economic growth through digital transformation. Read More

MININFRA ngo izageza amazi ku ngo nshya 355 463 (Umuseke - Friday, 10 August 2018) -- Kuri uyu wa gatanu Minisitiri w’Ibikorwa Remezo, Amb. Gatete Claver yasinyanye imihigo n’abayobozi b’ibigo biyishamikiye ku byo bazakora mu mwaka wa 2018/2019. Yavuze ko ikijyanye no kugeza amazi meza ku baturage kirimo gushyirwamo imbaraga nyinshi, ku buryo mu mwaka w’ingengo turimo ingo nshya 355 463 zizayajyezwaho. Read More

Expansion of gorilla habitat is a win-win project, official says (The New Times - Thursday, 9 August 2018) -- Local communities around the Volcanoes National Park and the Government will both benefit significantly from the ongoing project to expand the gorilla habitat, according to officials from Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Read More

Businesses in Rubavu wetlands decry ultimatum to relocate (The New Times - Thursday, 9 August 2018) -- Owners of hotels, bars and other facilities in close proximity of Lake Kivu and protected wetlands in Rubavu District have decried a decision that requires them to vacate the premises ahead of scheduled demolitions. Read More

Agric forum to focus on ways to reduce Africa’s food imports (The New Times - Wednesday, 8 August 2018) -- Rwanda is set to host the 2018 African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) next month to discuss solutions to problems challenging smallholder farmers amid reports that the continent spends tens of billions of dollars on food imports annually. Read More

Al Gore, Annan And Five Heads Of State For AGRF Kigali (KT Press - Tuesday, 7 August 2018) -- Local communities around the Volcanoes National Park and the Government will both benefit significantly from the ongoing project to expand the gorilla habitat, according to officials from Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Read More

2030-2050: Ubushyuhe bushobora kuzajya bwica abantu 38 000 buri mwaka (Umuseke - Tuesday, 7 August 2018) -- Ikigo mpuzamahanga mu by’iteganyagihe, muri Werurwe 2018 cyari cyatangaje ko imyaka 2015, 2016 na 2017 yaranzwe n’ubushyuhe bukabije. Read More


Across Africa

South Sudan alarmed by raising elephant poaching (The New Times - Thursday, 9 August 2018) -- Wildlife officials in South Sudan have expressed concerns over the rising cases of elephant poaching in the country's game parks. Read More

Magnate Jack Ma praises rangers, hails Africa 'as the future' (IOL - Wednesday, 8 August 2018) -- Cape Town - Paradise Foundation co-chair and Alibaba Group executive chairperson Jack Ma has hailed wildlife rangers working in Africa and around the world for their sacrifices and tremendous work protecting the Earth’s precious species. Read More

Last black rhino moved to Tsavo park dies (Daily Nation - Tuesday, 7 August 2018) -- The last of the 11 black rhinos translocated to a newly established sanctuary at the Tsavo National Park has died. It is believed to have died from injuries after it was attacked by a lion about a fortnight ago. Read More


From Around the World

NASA is going closer to the Sun than anyone has gone before (CNN - Thursday, 9 August 2018) -- In a story from Greek mythology, a clever craftsman named Daedalus was imprisoned in a tower for knowing too much. To escape, he fashioned a set of wings made of feathers and wax, one for him and one for his son Icarus. As they made their escape, he cautioned the boy to not fly too high, as his wings would melt. Icarus ignored his father, soared too close to the Sun, and fell to his death. Read More

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Market is Expected to Exceed US$ 8300 Million By 2024 (News Australia Today - Tuesday, 7 August 2018) -- New York, August 07, 2018: The scope of the report includes a detailed study of global and regional markets for Environmental health and safety Market for variations in the growth of the industry in certain regions. Read More

Heat, drought, fires: climate change shows Europe's future (EU Observer - Monday, 6 August 2018) -- The hot weather gripping large parts of Europe this summer are probably going to be more common than before. Read More


Sector Updates

Training on climate finance organised by GGGI Rwanda in partnership with REMA and FONERWA (REMA Flickr - Wednesday, 8 August 2018) - View Photos

Round table Meeting with the African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) on the ARSO Eco Mark (REMA Flickr - Wednesday, 8 August 2018) - View Photos

LAFREC PROJECT MAGAZINE (Issue 007) (Issuu - Sunday, 5 August 2018) -- LAFREC Project brings you the 7th Edition of its quarterly online magazine. Through this issue, we look at the rich biodiversity if the Gishwati-Mukura National Park, Rwanda's youngest Park. The Park, which we have been rehabilitating since 2015, is set to open for visitors. Watch Video