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PROJECT PROPOSAL A. COMPANY INFORMATION I. General Identification Name of the Company: KA & M General Services Ltd Date of creation: 12/08/2014 Contacts: 0783486662/0722080985 Email: kamachant@gmail.com Level of Education (For the partners): Graduate Students Relevant Professional Experience: As we are environmentalist students at University of Rwanda-College of Science and Technology in 4th year, the professional experience that we have is what we have studied in class concerning of environmental protection in general, environmental design and creativity, the internship we have done at different sites, the projects we have done in class,.. II. Our mission  Our mission at KA & M General services Ltd, is to provide the best quality cleaning, the most outstanding service and to make an extremely satisfied customer.  Offering the highest quality of Landscape design, Interior design, graphic design and customer service.  Delivering the most innovative, cost-effective design services supporting our wide range of client specific needs. III. Our vision Respect - We promise to respect everything that you have entrusted to us. Responsibility - We take full responsibility for everything in your building while we are there maintaining it. Teamwork - KA & M General services Ltd, and its customers work as a team. Together, we strive to make your home a better place to live and enjoy your family. Project Participants: NAMES POSITION 1 .Mrs. KAMASHAZI Chantal Graduate Student 2. Mrs. NIYOKWIZERA Felix Graduate Student 3. Mr. MUKASHYAKA Mediatrice Graduate Student 4. Mr. GASHUGI Elisé́e Lecturer at CST (former KIST) 5. Dr. SEBASHONGORE Dieudonnée Lecturer at CST(former KIST) 6. Dr. OWINO Joseph Head of Department at CST(former KIST) BUSINESS ACTIVITIES • General cleaning of buildings • Other building and industrial cleaning activities • Creative, arts and entertainment activities B. PROJECT PROPOSAL INFORMATION 1.0. Project Title “DESIGN OF COMPLEX DUSTBIN FOR SEPARATING WASTE” 1.1. General Introduction Waste separation can reduce environmental pollution and turn waste into treasure. Waste separation collection can reduce the waste volume and processing equipment, lower processing costs, reduce the consumption of land resources, social, economic and ecological benefits in three areas: I) Some garbage is not easily degradable, so that land have been seriously eroded. Garbage recycling can remove easily degradable substances, reducing waste volume by up to 50% or more. ii) Reducing environmental pollution: waste batteries contain metallic mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances which cause serious harm to human beings; plastic waste in the soil can cause crop failures; animals’ eating plastic waste resulting in their death has been reported. Therefore, recycling can reduce such hazards. iii) Turning waste into treasure: China's annual use of plastic snack containers up to 40 billion, 500 million instant noodles bowl -7 billion, accounting for waste plastic waste 4% -7% .1 tons of waste plastics can be back 600 kg of diesel oil refining . Recycled 1500 tons of waste paper can be cut from the paper used to produce 1200 tons of trees. One ton cans melted to form a very good one ton of aluminum block, aluminum can be 20 tons less taken. The use of one ton per glass can produce 500 g glass bottle 2000, save one ton of coal, energy saving 40 degrees. Every six bottles can be made of a polyester fiber content of 85% renewable green T-shirt, 100 recycled beverage bottles by the decontamination process can also be made after the 80 new bottles. Waste management is a practice involving supervising and monitoring waste disposal. The process of disposing waste includes the collection, processing and recycling of used materials. There are so many notable benefits of waste management, encouraging everyone to know the right ways on how they can dispose the waste they generate on a daily basis. Without proper waste management, contamination of land and underlying sources of commodities can be the result. The next stages of contamination may also lead to various health related concerns and diseases. Proper disposal of waste should ideally begin with personal effort. Households that practice proper disposal of waste helps in preventing the occurrence and spreading of diseases and in getting rid of accumulated, unsightly garbage in their storage bins. Waste Collection and recycling: Handling solid waste is a big concern for public and environmental health affecting quality of life and this presents another challenge to the city. Waste management includes: non hazardous municipal waste (domestic solid waste, industrial non hazardous waste, commercial waste, construction debris) and hazardous waste(medical waste and bio-solids).Currently, there is no separation of non hazardous municipal solid waste and the potentially hazardous waste from hospitals and industries. The existing Nyanza dumping site (landfill) was established by informal means and does not meet current standards. It also requires expropriation of land (which is in the process) to be able to accommodate the growth of waste pile which is assumed to be increasing at approximately 2.25 times at the current generation rate.

2. Statement of the problem

Such waste products include peels of fruit and leftover food from different areas such as hotels, institutions, hospitals, restaurants, and also at our own home, separating them from waste products that do not decay such as plastic and glass bottles is difficult because they are all mix in the same dustbin and these bins also require many raw materials that the reason to replace it with these new bins that are complex (composed of 4parts). But when we separate them by using that complex bin, it is very important because this allows you to collect, to reduce, to reuse , to recycle, to recover, to treat, and also to dispose these waste products easily and some effects caused by mixing of waste will be reduced as much. And if waste will well select we should not buy fertilizer outside the country. Even if here in Rwanda we have many dustbins but we don’t have complex dustbins which help us to separate wastes easily and good.

As you see these dustbins, they are very disorganized because you can’t know each dustbin with its waste, every person put the waste everywhere they want because these bins firstly are separated it take time for the people to see where he/she is going to put waste papers or other waste, secondary they are not labeled in order to differentiate it, that why there is a big problem of mixing waste therefore the reuse or recycle of these waste will be difficult and obviously there will be an increase of environmental pollution.





1.3.0. Overall objective: To reduce the environmental problems by separating waste using a complex dustbin so that some waste can be reused, recovery, or recycled.

1.3.1. Specific objectives

• To reduce the wastes area so that the wastes volume can be reduced by up to 70%.

• To prevent the occurrence and spreading of diseases.

• To reduce the infertility of soil.

• To improve the reuse or recycle of wastes products. (Turning wastes into treasure).

• To reduce the requirements of simple bins (using few raw materials.

• To minimize the need to use raw materials and natural resources of the earth. • To help the wastes collectors to collect easily and know what to do in each waste that have been collected.

• To help the environment and contribute to restoring its natural beauty and condition.


1. Product description

This complex bin will be made of plastic material with four parts (4 chambers), the first chamber is for papers, the second for plastics, third for biodegradable wastes (vegetable wastes), the fourth for metals. It will help the easiest separation of wastes to many people, companies and other communities in Rwanda instead of using the existing one.

2. Supply

• Competitors price(s) for similar products/services

• Past price trend

• Applicable project prices

3. Demand

• Potential market

4. Marketing/Sales Strategy

• Distribution channels

• Payment mode to supplies/creditors

• Customer credit terms

• Products prices


• Profit to the people and environment:

 These dustbins will help the people to separate waste very easily at their home and also in their businesses also at the hospitals.

 It will also very useful for reducing environmental pollution and land.

 These bins will also reduce the raw materials needed in the processing of the existing dustbins.

 It will help the recycling of those waste by industries

 Also it will help to collect and sorting of waste by the collectors

• Profit on ourselves: This kind of dust bin is a new design bin and because it is a very useful bin it will be very marketable than the existing one so we hope we will win as well as possible.

• Loss: The loss will be caused by the existing bins because many people using it, they may not buy our products because they still use those exists before, so we need the support of our government, some societies and especially the support from REMA(Rwanda Environmental Management Authority) to encourage all people to use this kind of dustbin.


Assets Designation Equity Location Total costs In Frw Already realized To be realized Pre-operation expenses Research, visit, communication √ Hotels, bar Institutions 20.000 Land - - - - - Building - - - - - Equipment 2Raptops √ 750.000 Working capital √ 200.000 Raw materials Tables,chairs, Books,binder,shelves √ 200.000 Transport √ 50.000 Communication charges Poster, advert, brochure √ 100.000 Rental charges √ Kigali city 300.000 Insurance charges √ 100.000 Dustbins 50 large 100 medium 100 small √ 4.000.000 TOTAL 4.750.000


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